Thursday, March 19, 2015

Slipping, Sliding, Falling and Getting Back Up to Do It Again

The slope is slippery and it keeps getting steeper and steeper.  I'm sliding, I'm sliding, and I can't seem to grab anything to stop my fall.  Now the ice is melting and it reveals the dirt and gravel underneath.  As it dries, the dirt becomes loose, and though difficult to maintain good traction, the slope will be climbed again.  There may be some brief slips but I will regain my grip and climb back up to achieve my goals.

I have not kept to my 1700 calorie per day maintenance goal.  I have been eating everything I want and even let the portion control slide.  It's no easy task to return to behaving myself, but I will try.  Hell, I don't just want to try, I'm going to do it. That's the attitude I should embrace!

I have always said you need to be ready for this, and I don't feel like I am right now, but that doesn't me I can't try.  And if I fall again, I will get back up and do it again.

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