Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ups and Downs, Starting on a Down

Life is a series of ups and downs.  To me, so is this weight loss journey.  

I had brilliant plans of getting back to running and eating better starting yesterday, only to wind up the day in bed with a migraine; nausea and all.  Today I was better but I could still feel the effects of yesterday.  I felt the urge to eat, and I did.  It was bad.  Day two and I have already fallen.  I will get back up tomorrow and plan for a good day.

The other problem with my plan of running was it snowed again!  Just when everything was melting and drying up nicely!  So I may be back to the treadmill, but I need to do it!

A small update on Chris Powell's Choose to Lose.  I did read most of the book (by most, I mean I stopped at recipes).  At this time, I have chosen not to continue as I am just not willing to commit to the lifestyle the book promotes right now (or maybe never).  As with all "diet" and lifestyle books I have read, I have certainly learned new ideas that I will take away from the book and continue with during my journey.

Tomorrow is another day and the journey will continue as it does (and will) every day that I wake up.

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