Monday, January 19, 2015

An Error in Judgement

I didn't realize the horrifically bad decision I made this morning at Starbucks until I was logging my food just now. Influenced by PMS, I ordered a grande peppermint mocha, no whip. However, I now know that this has over 330 calories! I've been trying so hard and succeeding and then I make a mistake this big. 

I did jog on the treadmill this evening, so I still have a deficit for the day.  It's not as large as I would like now though.  I also jogged on the spot a bit this evening in an effort to reach 10,000 steps today (success).

I will weigh myself in the morning to see how far I have to go.  I am hoping for eight pounds now that I have resumed my regularly scheduled life.  The scale battery was dead today as I would normally weigh in on Monday.

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