Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Jell-o Legs and Pain

Starting the Jillian Michaels: 30 Day Shred on my day off from running was definitely an irrational idea.  How hard can it be?  20 minutes, no problem. . .(I now know why people throw up on the Biggest Loser).

That Jillian Micheals, she's a sadistic bitch, I tell you!  (Okay, without the degrading part of the definition of sadistic...and I'm sure I'll come to appreciate her.)  I thought my legs were in pretty good shape from running.  WRONG!!!  My legs are Jell-O now!  And my arms! Those five-pound weights felt more like twenty by the end. (Mental note: go buy three pound dumbbells tomorrow.)  How am I going to run tomorrow?!?  I must stick with it!  These last few pounds just don't want to go so it's time to scare them away with Jillian!
And now it's tomorrow. . .

All day I could feel the pain!  My thighs and my shoulders progressively stiffening up through the day. . .Getting harder to stand up and sit down.  What do I do?  Go for a run!

Running on pavement instead of a treadmill is definitely different.  I can run 5k on the treadmill, but throw me outside and I'm dying after 90 seconds.  (Thankfully Color Me Rad is not a serious 5k but I still want to work my way up.)  My legs were okay but. . .

Oh sh!t!  I can't get into the sitting position, then once I do, I can barely stand back up.  Never mind going down the stairs.  Pain!  I have to pee, but how do I place my a$$ on the toilet seat?  Holy crap, I keep telling myself it will be better in the morning.  If it's not, there may be a break from any activity tomorrow.
P.S.  I bought the three-pound dumbbells today.

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