Monday, June 23, 2014

Let's Do This

Week 2, Day 1. . .166.8
Father's Day. . .uh oh!!!  We went to Five Guys (minus the kids who are both allergic to peanuts).  I was tempted to get my burger without a bun, but went ahead and had the bun since it was only my second time there (I wanted to enjoy it in its fullest).  Also, we shared a regular fry.  That was a 900 calorie lunch but I was really well behaved for the rest of the day.  I did forget to wear my Fitbit for a few hours so the calorie count may be off a little but the deficit was 71 calories.

Day 2
I did pretty good for food.  I even squeezed some cheese in as a snack (I love cheese).  I went for a run but only lasted 15 minutes.  As always, I say, even a bad run is better then no run at all.  This thought can be used for any exercise really. If a full workout is not within reason that day, just do a little bit, it's still better than nothing.   I also ended the day with a 350 calorie deficit so I am happy.

Day 3
Good food day again.  I even had room for chocolate!  Again, I repeat something I have said a hundred times in this journey. . .everything in moderation!  While watching Extreme Weight Loss tonight, I ran to the kitchen to clean during the commercials, and I did some 5-pound weights and squats while the show was on.   A little is better than zero.  (Oh, I'm so cheesy!)  I ended with a 350 calorie deficit again which is good because tomorrow I plan for bad!

Day 4
So, not only did I have pre-planned badness today, but I ate all of my food at work by 11:30 am (breakfast, lunch, snacks) and ended up getting lunch again with a co-worker (it was Pita Pit, so not the worst thing I could choose).  Then it was off to Boston Pizza to meet up with an old friend for dinner.  I ate the whole (individual) pizza when I only planned to eat half.  Ugh!  This has to be my bad day for the week. . .I must be good through Sunday. . .not going to happen. (Shhhh, don't tell anyone, 350 over for the day.)

Day 5
Today was great.  I resisted the sweet desserts offered at an office meeting (I'm telling you, it looked so damn good and there was such a variety).  AND I resisted the fabulous cookies offered at yet another meeting.  I wasn't snacky, I had Subway for lunch, and breakfast for dinner (it was awesome).  I delayed my run until a bit later tonight and nailed another 5K finally!  I had some cheese for a snack and that was it.  I need more days like today!!!  800 calorie deficit!!!

Day 6
Decent day, although I ate that damn cookie from yesterday!  We had pizza for dinner which probably wasn't the best idea (okay, I know it wasn't the best idea), but it was good.  I finally did a short run outside.  Actually, I did a day of Couch to 5K week 1.  Next time I will do a day of Week 2.  It helped burn those pizza calories and ended the day 150 calories under.

Day 7
It's Saturday and extra calories are easy to come by.  Today I did laundry (usually done on Sunday) and decided that I wanted to climb 50 flights of stairs so I could earn my next Fitbit badge.  See, it is motivational!  In terms of food, I didn't do great but still burned a few more calories then I ate, but not much.

Conclusion. . .166.4
I managed to have only one "bad day" this stretch.  Technically there were extra calories on a couple of other days, but I always burned extra calories so that I ended with a deficit, no matter how small.  It seems I must go for bigger deficits though by sticking to 1700 calories (or less).  I am also approaching that bloaty time so hopefully that's the reason I only lost 0.4 pounds.  I must also remind myself that my legs are getting some nice muscles from running and muscle weighs more than fat.

Rather than boring you with a day by day summary at the end of next week, I really need to get back into updating on a more regular basis.  I'm not sure how I will publish next week, but I promise I will write something. 

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