Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Why Run?

One thing I decided (or realized) this past week was that when I run, even if the results are not my best, at least I'm doing something.  I mean it's not like I was going to do anything productive with that time (on most days anyway) so why not use that time to go for a run!

Why did I choose running as my go-to physical activity?  I would see someone jogging and think "I want to do that".  It would have been easy to give up when I realized how hard it actually was to get started, but I wanted to do it.  I'm still not great and maybe I will never be great but at least I'm doing it!

It's time to get things back on track after almost a week of being not-so-good.  I could say I tried, but not really.  I should hang my head in shame for how awful I was on Easter!  I really let myself go and it was the most I have overindulged in a very long time.  I definitely felt regret afterwards.  Regret? Yup!  Oh how uncomfortably full I was!!!  A lesson learned, I hope!  Being back at work after six days off actually does help with keeping things in order though.  I take all my food for the day with me so I can make sure my choices are good ones in advance.

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