Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Too Many Bad Days

Sliding. . .sliding. . .sliding. . .sliding.

Too many bad days happening and I can't stop.  I was bad today, not really bad, but bad enough when I know I have two bad days in a row around the corner.  I did not make the better choices today. . .and I chose the bad ones, the indulgent ones.  I have no one to blame but myself.

Tomorrow I will be good.  Tomorrow I will make better choices.  Tomorrow will be better.

As my "punishment" I will revise my first planned bad day, and I must follow through with that decision.  My second planned bad day will take place as planned because it's the one I have been waiting for!  It's getting together with a good friend (and our kids), eating somewhat bad, and planning our upcoming trip!
Here's the truth about my bad day today though. . .I chose to eat bad foods, and not in moderation as I usually encourage.  However the only real bad is that I will not have a so-called calorie deficit today.  By eating good food, being aware of portion sizes, and keeping the "bad" to a minimum (moderation) a person can usually get out of a day with a calorie deficit.  If you watch The Biggest Loser then you know that one pound of fat equals 3500 calories so the more often you can make it out of the day with a deficit, whether it be 100 calories or 500 calories, you are losing weight!

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