Sunday, May 31, 2015

Lifes Roadblocks

Things have been going pretty well, but sometimes life throws up more roadblocks than I care to go around.

"Running" (aka jogging) was a disaster!  Since my first attempt was awful, I decided that the best way back was to return to the Couch to 5K app.  I figured jumping in at week three was the best idea since I actually find weeks one and two complete torture.  Week three is a 90 second run, three minute run, 90 second run, three minute run.  I barely made the second three minute run.  I'm being overly dramatic, but OMG I thought I would die!  I couldn't even lift my water bottle to my mouth, I just walked for a couple minutes until I could drink!  The rest of the week (when I could go) was crappy so tomorrow (a week later) I will try it again.

At work, our big project is finally nearing an end.  However the celebrations seem to involve food so I had two really bad days last week, Thursday and Friday.  Those were the roadblocks I chose not to avoid.  I must stay in control for ten more days until I weigh in for my DietBet.  As of last Monday, I had 3.5 pounds to lose. . .I'm too scared to weigh in tomorrow. . .PMS is here too!

If only this was my "Roadblock" ;)
I would never avoid this one!
Someone posted something about weight loss not being a destination, and about being a lifestyle.  I completely disagree!  Yes, it is a lifestyle, but it's a journey with ups and downs.  You can't tell me that those with healthy lifestyles don't treat themselves once in a while.  As I have said many times, I can't see not letting myself have what I truly crave or else I would be miserable.  And that's a lifestyle I don't want to live.

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