Wednesday, May 13, 2015

It's a Roller Coaster and No, I Don't Want to Get Off

Yesterday I weighed in for another DietBet. This is another ride up the track of MY roller coaster. 

After my last post I saw other posts online about weight loss roller coasters. Those posts will tell you that roller coaster weight loss is not good, and really it is true, but I think that is more the case at the beginning of a weight loss journey. My roller coaster is the one that I want to be on because I reached my goal. And I want to enjoy my food when I can but keep myself in check when I get too out of control.  So while putting on a few pounds is the fun part (like going down the roller coaster), I must always return to the uphill part, that's not as fun, but it's necessary to keep the weight off.

In case I haven't mentioned this, my original goal was 180, and 175-180 seems to be the easiest to maintain for me.  Right now I am not willing to sacrifice any more food and as in my previous posts I have not been motivated to exercise.  So for now, I will hang out at this weight and who knows what I will decide to do in the future.

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