Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Little Tiny Giant Calories

Some days those calories add up a little faster than you realize. And then when you eat those extra two pierogies with dinner you realize your day is even worse! D'oh!!! The world will not end. I will continue. And that's the attitude you need. Now I just need to convince myself that I don't need a Slurpee today!

Those extra calories were my motivation to get up and go for a walk/jog. OMG! It was awful! I always walk for five minutes to warm up, then I wanted to jog 1k. Yup, just one kilometre. I only lasted 1/3 of a kilometre before I had to return to a walk.  Sooooo out of shape.  I did a 2.7 jog/walk in total, so I guess it was a good start. Now I just have to make sure I do it again. I almost can't believe that I once jogged almost 3k outside, and I was able to jog 5k on the treadmill.  

On the plus side, I burned those spare calories and should end the day with a deficit.  And. . .I will not have a Slurpee today.  (In case you don't know, Slurpees are my addiction and both times I lost weight, I had a Slurpee almost every day. Just imagine what I could do without Slurpees. . .never mind, not going to imagine that!  I need something to keep me satisfied enough to keep this weight away!  I could not do it if I felt deprived.)

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