Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Brief Update

It's amazing that I can let myself fuck up a week of great progress with two bad days because of PMS.  And to top it off I didn't get to go for my planned run as the weather was bad. I considered running in the rain, but the wind was quite a discouragement.  The weather today, kind of windy, no rain yet but it's coming.  However. . .[any men reading this should probably skip to the next paragraph]. . .I could probably go out for a run except day two (my first full day) is super heavy and my stomach is unpredictable so it's never wise to be far away from the house.  

Do I think I can get to 5k in seven weeks? Hell no!  I want to get to at least half plus a walk then the rest.  Big goal for me, I know, but I believe!

Maybe I should go for a run. . .LOL!

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