Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Blog Post That Turned Into A Rant. . .

One-sixty seven.  Progress is so slow now.  It kind of makes me really think that 170 is really where my body is meant to be.  I had no troubles maintaining 170 but getting lower and then maintaining that may not be in my future.  I kind of still want to get lower just to say I did it, but I'm pretty sure that 170 will be the ultimate place to never go over again!

The biggest reason I can't see myself getting past this "plateau" is because I do refuse to cut my calories any lower.  I've always lived by the motto "I'd rather be fat and happy then skinny and deprived".  It's still true even though I have lost weight.  
I know there will always be critics who think I'm lazy or unhealthy but you know what? They don't get to critique me because I did make changes and I am healthier than I once was and there are many other people out there in far worse shape than I ever was.  

Also, I can't stand those people who used to be "fat" that now critique every "fat" persons' "bad" choices.  Do you think they don't know they're being unhealthy?  Do you think they don't know that they're "fat"?  That used to be you!!!  Not everyone can do it.  Some people just can't make that commitment and keep it.  Some people don't have the time or resources to go to the gym or go running or whatever.  If it was easy then there would be no "fat" people, we would all be skinny!  People do not need to judge others for what they do or do not do.  Offer advice based on what helped you, but don't expect it to be followed, let it be taken if wanted, adapted as needed, and ignored by those who are not interested.  End rant.

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