Saturday, August 24, 2013

No One to Blame Except Myself

I have not been on my best behavior this week.  I have made bad choices, but I have done my runs.  Sunday I will run again. 

I, alone, made these choices.  I cannot blame anyone.  I cannot place blame on anything that has been brought into my environment.  I made the choice to eat it.  I was much better at choosing right in the beginning.  Lately though, I have been allowing myself to choose wrong.

It's much of the same-as-always, I know.  I cannot guarantee anything more exciting to read.  This is how the journey goes.  It's not always a smooth ride, but you cannot give up, you cannot throw in the towel.  You have to look at tomorrow as a new start.  It is a new day and you can make completely different choices.  You CAN choose to have more good days then bad.

Still my favorite!

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