Monday, August 26, 2013


Food. . .food is my enemy.  I'm sure every person trying to lose weight has said this at one time or another.  I am saying it now.  I cannot seem to curb the hunger lately.  I am always hungry!  (Yes, I know only "bad" food should be considered the enemy, but this is how I feel at this very moment so I am going with this feeling for now.)

I started thinking today that maybe this is the weight I am meant to be at.  That this is the weight that my body is comfortable with.  I got down to 170 without feeling deprived but if I expect to get lower then maybe it would require more changes that I am not willing to make.  For now, I plan to do my best to fight my urges and not give in.  I know that other people who are in to major fitness and/or diet would think I am not trying hard enough, not putting enough effort in, but to me, it was never about putting a lot of effort in (call me lazy).  It was about making enough changes to get where I needed myself to be and quite frankly, I am here.

I am not giving up, I am not taking a break.  This journey is not over.  I will continue to wherever it leads me.

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