Monday, September 7, 2015

And Then Came Thursday

After my weigh in on Thursday, I went downhill.  After a week-and-a-half of beautiful calorie deficits came three awful terrible food days.

I really have no excuse for Thursday.  It really started off well. Unfortunately I let myself make bad choices later in the day and treat myself to a Wendy's Frosty despite knowing that I had two bad days coming up ahead.

Friday we were having dinner at a friends.  While I could have chosen to eat light, I filled my plate and pigged out.  The foods of choice: KFC chicken and fries, as well as breadsticks with our salad (at least a small part was healthy).  And as if that wasn't already bad, I topped it with two Smores Oreo cookies.

Saturday we had a family event.  A cousin was visiting from England.  This is a rare event despite the large family we come from.  It was a potluck and despite my plans to take very little and fill my plate with veggies and fruit, I failed and filled my plate with everything else including some of my favourites - pirogies and potato salad.

Sunday, oh Sunday. . .finally a day to get back on track.  I did well but it was certainly a struggle.  If I was just starting, it could be the breaking point, but thankfully I know that this is something I can get past.

I have not exercised the last four days either.  However, I can still confidently say "I've got this".  My mind is made up and I need to get to the end of September so that I can get to the next part of my plan.  I promise that I'll fill you in when I get there!

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