Wednesday, May 7, 2014

So Close

I added another 1/4 mile to my run last night.  I am only a half mile away from 5K!  I am unbelievably excited about this!  I know that running outside really is going to be different though and I am actually scared of it now.  Scared?  Yes it sounds harsh, but there is no way I can go run 2.6 miles outside right now.  It will be pretty close to starting from scratch.  I need to start soon as Colour Me Rad 5K is only nine weeks away!
The good thing about Colour Me Rad is that it's not super serious and I'm going to want to slow down to get colour bombed anyway.  That doesn't mean that I wouldn't like to run 5K straight.  That would be the ultimate accomplishment!
Bad news.  Shin splint again, I think.  It's the other side this time.  I have just applied some KT Tape, and maybe it's in my head, but it feels better already.  Don't get me wrong, there is still pain, it just doesn't seem as bad.  I'm rocking some pink tape this time!  I plan to run tomorrow, so hopefully it helps.
I haven't weighed in recently, and I'll probably wait until next week now.  I have not been on my best behavior recently, but I am fairly confident that I can't possibly be gaining.

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