Saturday, September 17, 2016

Another Week One

Here I am again! Time to start a new journey (or actually continue on the old one). I must confess that I put on too much weight the last few months. I planned on many occasions to be better, but as I have always said, you have to be ready. If you're not ready you WILL fall off the food wagon. So I did fall off, a few times.

This time I have gathered a group of friends to join me on a 90 day health and weight loss challenge. They are my inspiration to succeed because I cannot fail them, and I cannot fail me.

So there I was again, experiencing ANOTHER day one! I'm not near as heavy as my first day one, and this time I am motivated to lose it. Day one was great! I decided to try out Jillian Michaels Shred again, although I was very afraid of not being able to sit down the next day (as with my first time around that I did it). I died!! Obviously not, otherwise I wouldn't be here writing this. I didn't make it. My endurance was non-existent and I actually sat and watched the end of the workout so that I knew what I had in-store for the next time.

And day two came with pain that grew greater during the day, but not awful, phew!!!

Day three was the first day that I had trouble with hunger. When I looked back at my very first time around, my blog post said "Today I did feel hungry for the first time." It must be a day three thing. I did the Shred again and made it to the end with short breaks when I couldn't keep up.

Then it was the weekend. . .and I worried because sometimes bad food and laziness come with the weekend but I did amazingly well. Day four I did a 3K walk. I did the shred on day five and it was so much better.  I still have a way to go to get through without a break, but my endurance is quickly improving. I also went for a 5K walk on day five!

On day six food became an issue and I think that was because I needed protein but in the form of meat. I am a protein addict, and apparently a protein shake is insufficient for that craving. I have added some jerky to my snack supply at work!

Day seven I realized that own my need to get exercise of some sort incorporated into my day had taken over. Still not making it through the whole workout without slowing down, but getting better every time! :)

Overall, I thing my week one went pretty well. A weight loss journey is not easy to start. . .if it was then everyone would do it. The final result of my work, 2.2 pounds, was satisfying, but I still have a long way to go!

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