Friday, August 21, 2015

Time to Continue on the Journey of My Big Fat Unmotivated Ass

Well, I never did make it by with an update as I intended in my last post.  I can't even tell you how July went. . .it's just too long gone.  I can tell you that my 5K did not really happen.  We went but we mostly walked, it was far too hot outside to run. August has brought summer holidays with lots of bad food choices, but I have always intended to return to my journey, and that time is near.

As I renew my journey I plan to eventually try a new path.  When it comes time to take that path, I will share my experience so that others can see if is a path for them also.  As with any path, if it doesn't lead where I want it too, I can always return to the trusted route.

I plan to weigh in on Monday to see the damage I have done this summer and I hope that will be the day that my journey continues again.  I have plans to go for a 5K walk with a partner, as we need to start being each others motivator to get our asses of the couch.  I would like to think that I will run more as well, even if I don't have a 5K planned.  I would still like to actually be able to run 5K one day. . .or maybe not. . .that sounds so hard.

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