Friday, October 16, 2015

Week One of My New Direction

Being the skeptic that I am, I can't believe how much these two products that I am trying excite me (see previous post for product info). There are so many more of the It Works products that I want to try right NOW but I have to be patient and try each product in it's own time.

Breakfast of champions?

Maybe it is all in my head but I really do feel better. Not 100% or anything close, just better. It's only been a week so I know that it will take time to notice a large, consistent change in my energy level but I would have to say it is working so far. 

I haven't been a model eater the past seven days but these first 30 days are not about losing weight. It's about gaining some energy so that maybe I can get motivated again. I should eat healthier though.

Remember, these are not weight loss products that I am taking. I lost 50 pounds the good old-fashioned way. . .eating better and moderate exercise. The products I am taking are supplements to increase my energy levels so that I can get my ass in gear again to lose those five pounds that came back and KEEP them off (although I certainly wouldn't be opposed to losing more).

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